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Our hospitality

Mykonos Esti Luxury Villas is an intimate, family-friendly compound of three independent holiday homes, overlooking Mykonos town and the infinity of the Aegean from their magnificent hilltop location. 

Our mission is to receive our guests in an authentic environment, imbued with the island’s rich local culture and gastronomy, and help them to discover the hidden faces of this iconic Aegean destination at their own pace.

Our Villas showcase the values of Esti, the Mediterranean culinary brand celebrated for its prime selection of plant-based, natural products. Staying with us is an immersion in wellness, surrounded by an enthralling natural and built Cycladic landscape. 


Our Location

Kanalia Mykonos

Mykonos Esti Luxury Villas are located in the quiet community of Kanalia, on top of a hill in the headland rising southwest of Mykonos Town. The site enjoys breathtaking views over the small, uninhabited islets of Baos and Kavouras in the north, and the bay of Mykonos Town in the east. 

This coveted location is next to the island capital and to the popular “twin” beaches, Corfos and Ornos, but remains detached from the busy island life, contemplating the sea and the surrounding landscape in peaceful serenity.

Accessibility and surroundings

Mykonos Esti Luxury Villas are at a 15-minute distance from the Airport and Mykonos Town harbor, easily accessible by transportation from the scenic coastal road. Ornos and Corfos beach are a mere 5 minutes away by vehicle, and Agios Ioannis beach, facing the nearby islands of Delos and Rinia, is at a 10-minute distance. The vicinity, at Ornos and Agios Ioannis, provides plenty of options for dining and entertainment.


The design of our villas is respectful of the island’s natural and built environment, to the last detail. The elegant simplicity which made Mykonos a cherished destination for the world’s most sophisticated travelers, is reflected in our contemporary design with a pronounced local character, keeping with the scale, sensibility, and universal appeal of Cycladic architecture.

– Indoor Space: 215 m2
5 Bedrooms, 6 Bathrooms
– Outdoor Space: 960 m2
– Pool: 37 m2

 – Indoor Space: 205 m2
 – 5 Bedrooms, 7 Bathrooms
 – Outdoor Space: 530 m2
 – Pool: 40 m2

– Indoor Space: 200 m2
5 Bedrooms, 6 Bathrooms
– Outdoor Space: 1100 m2
– Pool: 34 m2


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